Has everybody just missed what Apple’s doing?

With all the hype about Apple entering the luxury market with the new Apple Watch and haters and fans alike losing their collective heads over the usefulness and cost of something that will be outdated in a few months, it might be that a lot of people are losing site of Apples vision of the…
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5th February 2017 0

Three New Tricks To Boost Sales Performance – From A Sales Trainer’s Casebook

Years ago in Australia I worked as a consultant trainer for a great trouble-shooter to sort out the underperforming Australian end of a major consumer electronics marketing operation. I worked with them for three years, twice a year, traveling the country, 4 states, doing their sales training. The first trip was easy, basic techniques stuff,…
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1st February 2017 0

Why Bother With Twitter In The First Place?

Why bother with Twitter? Twitter is a system of communication that can help your business engage with potential customers. Its one part press release, one part customer service line, and one part Frat party. There are countless ways you can connect with others using Twitter. There are also countless ways to waste time on twitter.…
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19th January 2017 0

4 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Colour for Your Logo/Brand

Color has more influence in our lives than we can imagine. It has the capability of changing our emotions, our mood and also our appetite. Research has proven that humans perform better or heal faster when they are around certain colors. Recent studies have shown that colors can have physical changes as well. Facts such…
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4th January 2017 0

Brand Building Without Advertising, In A Jiffy

On a visit to my cousins’ winter escape in Sanibel, Florida, I noticed a box of Jiffy cornbread mix in an open cupboard. The box immediately brought back memories of many past Thanksgivings; in my family, as in many families, Jiffy’s product was an annual staple. When I mentioned this to my cousin, he replied…
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19th December 2016 0

The “Vanderbilt” Method for Growing Your Business

I’m a firm believer that there has never, ever been a better time to start or grow your business… But there’s never been more competition, either. I watched a documentary last night about Cornelius Vanderbilt. THE Vanderbilt. The man who owned basically all the railroads back in the years following America’s Civil War. The same…
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11th November 2016 0

What Not to Do When Implementing Digital Strategies

The new digital world has created unlimited new opportunities for businesses to market to its customers. The amount of choice can however overwhelm many people causing a lack of action as they simply don’t know where to start. Whilst creating a workable strategy is the first step, the most important step is in the implementation…
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6th November 2016 0

Offer A 200% Money Back Guarantee? Are You Nuts!

The late, great Gary Halbert was one of the smartest copywriters of our times. Here is the guarantee copy he wrote for Donna Mills (TV star) and her beauty treatments. “And remember, you must be 100% satisfied with my beauty kit… or… you are entitled to a refund of double your entire purchase price. All…
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10th October 2016 0

Social – the not so lethal magic bullet.

Social is not quite the magic bullet some hard sell social marketers would have you believe. At the most it is an integral component of a much broader marketing strategy for businesses. Smaller businesses often don’t see the returns on the cost of doing social campaigns. Social channels are like the advent of tv and…
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3rd August 2016 0

Improving your website’s effectiveness as a sales tool

The age old problem of getting people to know about your business has become infinitely easier with the advent of the information age, or has it? Though the tools are there, the oversaturation and mass use of them drowns out messages just as much and even more than they ever were in traditional media such…
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3rd March 2016 0