[rb_dropcap style=”square”]J[/rb_dropcap]ust like you, every potential customers’ first port of call for services and products these days is the web, and more recently mobile and social channels. Nothing can be more important to business today than a web presence that’s working for your business. With people having radically changed their behaviour in how they find and buy things within just a decade or two, some businesses have yet to catch up. The rapid pace of change means that even businesses with a website, but which is outdated, are getting left behind as technology leaps forward. The ease with which competitors can now overtake counterparts with a better online strategy is a very real threat for any size business.

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There are three important questions to ask about your new/existing website design to ensure maximum effectiveness and future compatibility.

[rb_list type=”arrow1″][rb_list_item]Is your website mobile? 
People are finding things on the go, not only when they’re out of their houses but at home too, whether it be sitting in front of the TV or lying in bed. Over 70% of online searchers were from mobile devices in 2017.[/rb_list_item]

[rb_list_item]Is it visible and social?
Are people finding your site? Not just through search, but through content and social channels, engaging with your brand through the new ways of doing business.[/rb_list_item]
[rb_list_item]Is it self manageable?
Dead and static pages or social profiles no longer make the cut, they need to be managed and updated constantly. Do you need to pay someone for every little change or do you have the option to make your own changes supported by knowledgeable advice?[/rb_list_item][/rb_list]
There’s also no need to pay large sums of money for a professional site. We make it very simple by giving you the option to contact us directly to get set-up. Whether you need advice or solutions for website design, social or advertising, we make the entire process simple to do.

If you want your website to work, come to a team that has a collective experience in the design, advertising, marketing and copywriting business of over 60 years, as well as the educational accreditations to back it up. If you’re going to spend the money to develop a website, do it right.

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Services include any or all of the following:

Ensuring your website is properly formatted and written to gain maximum exposure to online searches is the first step in any online marketing campaign after which you can progress with further marketing techniques.

Initial web design and/or SEO Stage 1 (Internal)
(All stage 1 SEO items included in initial web design package or available separately for existing sites)

      • Website design, from low cost template based sites to more engaging and interactive sites that can be agency managed or CMS based to be self managed via a user interface.
    • XHTML and CSS compliance implementation and page structure streamlining
    • Mobile and tablet/alternative device optimised sites
    • Keyword assessment, trend recognition, generation and implementation to optimise site performance.
    • Metatag analysis and enhancement to improve site visibility and relevance.
    • Optimisation of all copy and links to maximise search engine performance.
    • Image tagging for improved search engine recognition and results.
    • Creation of Favicon to improve brand recognition and professional appearance of site (the icon that appears next to your site’s name in the URL bar and bookmarks/favourites.).
    • Submission of site to major search engines, Google Maps, etc.
    • Site map and robots file generation and submission to improve site clarity for search engines.
    • Other overall optimisation and housekeeping of site.

SEO Stage 2 (External) 

    • Google analytics implementation to track visitor behaviour and site performance.
    • Google webmaster tools implementation to monitor and improve site performance.
    • Competitor analysis and performance reporting
    • Ranking and performance analysis and tracking
    • Submission of site to directories and deep backlink building and generation.
    • Ongoing optimisation, analysis, submission and management of internal links, keywords and trends for site to increase site rank & position

Marketing Stage 1 

    • Adwords campaign setup and handover or setup and management to advertise site.

Marketing Stage 2 

    • Banner and other targeted advertising creation and delivery.

Marketing Stage 3 

    • Implementation and handover or Implementation and management of social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and YouTube.
    • More developed, creative viral and brand building strategies and advertising campaigns.
    • Newsletter design and distribution/management.
    • Content development and dissemination.
    • Article PR, Blog implementation and posts, forum inclusions, Affiliate site implementation and other strategies if required.

Contact us now and an online consultant will get back to you within 24 hours
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Content Managment System (CMS)

For a tight budget and a simple web presence our budget sites make use of a content management system to give you an out of the box, pre designed website solution that we setup and populate with your content. From this we can either manage the site for you or hand it over to be managed and updated easily by yourself, saving further costs. The pro’s of the site are a cost effective, quick and simple web presence. The sites are easy to manage and update yourself, or if you need assistance we can manage changes as and when required on a per work basis.

Sites that utilise either Content Management Systems or straight HTML development and are configured to adapt to the different digital mediums available today – from desktop monitors to tablets to smartphones. Responsive websites don’t just get smaller on different devices, they adapt their layout and input mechanism in order to give the most user friendly and efficient experience regardless of platform or device and become easier to use for either mouse, stylus or fingertip. Plus you can easily add a host of other features, pages or functions and manage the website content yourself or have us do it for you, all at very competitive rates.

Depending on the template you choose, your site can also be mobile friendly and fill the role of a desktop as well as a mobile website, a crucial aspect of today’s online presence.

Grow and build your website step by step when you have the growth and money that your business can afford.

For more information browse our online template order page here, or read our FAQ for any questions you may have, alternatively contact us with any queries you may have.

Developed sites

Unique, stunning and effective, not to mention filled with all the awe inspiring extra’s you might require for your site. Let us know what you need and we’ll create something that you’ll love to show off.
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