If i order my website online, are there any other costs?

Not from Soundnest, but for any website regardless of who creates it you’ll need to pay annual domain name fees and monthly hosting fees. We can manage all of these for you too at very competitive rates (see ‘How much does hosting cost’ below).

What is a domain name? 

Domain names are predominantly paid for once a year and the average cost for a .co.za domain is around R 99.00 per year. This is to keep ownership of your name on the internet such as www.yourname.co.za. Your initial domain setup is already included in your payment for the website, so you’ll only be billed again in a years time.

What is Hosting? 

Your website files need to sit somewhere where they are connected to the rest of the internet so that they can be accessed. This is hosting.

Hosts come in may different forms and packages but it’s crucial to use a reliable and reputable host. The prime reasons for this is locality, space, bandwidth and quality of service. You may be able to get cheap hosting packages but they’ll be subject to space and bandwidth regulations. In a nutshell this means only a certain amount of people can visit your website without experiencing lags, additionally, after a certain amount of people have viewed your website you’ll reach your bandwidth limit. After this you’ll be charged extra for ‘overspending’ your bandwidth. Better hosts are quicker and more reliable for website visitors as well as being more secure. They also have additional extras such as server languages like php and databases, which are crucial to a modern website and content management systems.

How much does hosting cost?

At Soundnest we either use a hosting provider that you’ve set up (please see below for more info) or we set up and manage the whole process for you. An average price for a quality and reliable web hosting provider ranges from around R 99.00 to R 200.00 per month. If you would like Soundnest to manage this for you we provide the service for R 20.00 administration a month and have negotiated a price of the first month free and R 79.00 per month after that for hosting with our partners – that’s a total of R 99.00 per month. There is no contract, just month to month payments and you’ll be invoiced at the end of each month for this.

How long will it take? 

Standard websites ordered online are completed in 14 working days from receipt of all required material and fees.

Whats the process after i’ve submited my site information? 

After submitting your info (either through the online system or via e-mail) we setup and create the website for you (or request other info that might have been omitted to complete the site). After this you’ll see and test the website and send us a ‘snag’ list of any changes that might be required. Once this is done, we’re always just an e-mail away with support or advice if you should need anything else or require additional services / functionality.

Can i use my own hosting provider? 

Yes you can, but we’ll need all the information from your host in order to setup your website. We’ll need hosting details such as ftp and control panel passwords before being able to setup your website, also please make sure your host account has a database and PHP 5. Additionaly, there will be a once off fee of R 500.00 to set up a website on an external host.

How do i pay my hosting? 

You will be invoiced at the end of each month after which you can pay by EFT or online.

What happens if i dont pay my hosting account? 

Your website will be deactivated but remain on the servers. If the account remains unpaid for three months the account and website will be deleted.

What if i want to cancel my account? 

We’ll be sad to see you go, but if you need to cancel your account all we require is one months notice. We’ll also provide you with your exported databse from your CMS in case you want to set it up somewhere else.

What are the requirements for the logo upload? 

In order for us to place your logo and brand colours in your website or advertising we need an image of your logo to do this.

There are many different formats for digital images. Please make sure your image is as large as possible in dimensions, but under 1mb in size and one of the following image formats: PNG, JPG, PSD or Gif.

We need a digitaly created image of your logo, scans and photo’s of it will not suffice. There will be an additional charge if the logo needs to be recreated.

What if i want changes made to the template i’ve chosen? 

We can easily do this for you, but there will be an additional charge. Let us know what you would like done and we can quote you on the changes.


Online Advertising

Where will my ads appear? 

Text ads will show up in Google searches when someone uses keywords associated with your business. They will also appear in websites that contain relevant subject matter to your business. Banner ads will appear in available banner spaces on websites with content relative to your business. Mobile banner ads wil appear in various mobile applications that partner with Google.

Can i control where my ads appear and how much i spend? 

Yes, we can easily set up your ads to only cost a certain amount per day or only show on specific websites.

How do i load funds into my ads account? 

You can add more funds to your account via credit card or EFT.