Media Strategies

[rb_dropcap style=”square”]O[/rb_dropcap]nline marketing can be cheaper, more cost effective, better targeted and easier to measure than traditional offline marketing. Regardless of the size of your business and advertising budget, you can create a brand presence and enjoy customer acquisition through online digital channels. For website owners, your channels can provide a vital medium through which businesses need to advertise. Buy advertising packages for your business below or click here for more information on selling advertising on your website.

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Advertising on Search Engine results

Search advertising lets your ad appear as a sponsored search item with a search engine’s results. With Google for example, your add will look similair to a list of search results and appear above or alongside Google’s other results. These are called Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns. The advantage of PPC campaigns is the fact that you do not pay for your advert to appear, regardless of the amount of times it is displayed. You only pay once an interested party actually clicks on your advert and is taken through to your website.

With the right strategy these campaigns can prove extremely cost effective, costing only a few Rand per click, generating leads and business. They can also be implemented overnight, giving you an immediate presence on search engines. This is ideally used in conjunction with Search Ranking strategies as it gives you an immediate result while working your websites position up the search rankings which takes a longer period of time.

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[/rb_tab][rb_tab title=”Display Advertising”]Select target networks, publications and channels to place text, image, animation or interactive ads on.

Network and Display Advertising allows for traditional marketing strategies to be executed online in the form of visual ads that can be text, static, animated or interactive and take on a host of sizes and forms and can be displayed across various platforms such as affiliate website networks or specific individual websites.

[rb_button style=”headed” decoration=”arrow” color=”light” link=”″ target=”_self” label=”Contact Us for a Quote”][/rb_tab][rb_tab title=”Content Development”]Creation of compelling content such as copywriting and infographics.

Content creation has become key to the online marketing spectrum. In an era where consumers can choose what they read, watch and consume, without being ‘force fed’ advertising, Businesses need to create compelling content that consumers want to engage with. Soundnest creates a host of textual and visual content tools for businesses to disseminate.

[rb_button style=”headed” decoration=”arrow” color=”light” link=”″ target=”_self” label=”Contact Us”][/rb_tab][rb_tab title=”Social Media”]Social media for customer engagement, advertising and branding

The power of social media lies in its ‘exponential value’. This means that one post from your business can actually be reposted or appear in countless other people’s accounts, something worthwhile can effectively be disseminated to thousands if not millions of people in a matter of seconds with only one post from yourself or your business.

With Twitter you can publish short messages with links to content. Engaging information attracts followers who then are updated with each new short post of information (Tweets) you publish. This can be utilised for a host of purposes such as news updates, informing people of specials or events and more. What’s more, should your content be interesting enough, followers can retweet or mention you or your company allowing all their respective followers to be introduced to your product or service. It also allows your business to be refreshed in your followers minds every time you ‘Tweet’.

Facebook, may need no introduction, however its marketing power is often underestimated by many using the service on a personal level. Getting someone to ‘Like’ or interact with your custom designed Facebook page is not the only marketing reach it offers. Besides the use of strategies to deliver marketing through news feeds, games and other avenues, Facebook also offers the opportunity for highly targeted advertising to specific demographics.

YouTube may not be for every business, but those wanting to go the route of publishing video and possibly creating viral content for advertising or branding purposes can find a willing and engaged audience.

Besides the Most common and well known platforms a host of others exist to provide exposure as well as branding power for your site and business such as Digg and StumbleUpon.

One of the most desirable aspects of social mediums is for a campaign to achieve a ‘viral’ effect. This involves creating content that exhibits a highly shareable nature, getting viewers to forward and re-use the content in such a way as to quickly and exponentially spread it amongst their contacts. Those contacts in turn spread it to their contacts and so forth, effectively making all those who pass on your content distributors of your marketing message and growing your audience by factors of each new recipients next set of contacts.

We can custom develop a social strategy that will best suit your businesses marketing needs, either as a once off setup and implementation process or as an ongoing management package.

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Mobile devices are becoming the device of choice for accessing the internet

Whether it be a mobile website or advertising specifically aimed at mobile devices, mobile marketing is growing by leaps and bounds. Cellular phones outnumber personal computers and a growing number of people now access the internet directly from their mobile phone to find what they’re looking for.

In app advertising or app development as marketing tools

Apps for mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones have become a massive industry in just a few short years providing huge potential for convenience as well as marketing possibilities for a business. Companies no longer need to invest the large sums of money required to develop apps in order to take advantage of their distributive power, but can opt to have their products placed and advertised within apps, providing a unique and cutting edge method of modern digital marketing.

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